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Your pet is very important to you. He or she is a companion; a friend. In a very real sense, your pet is a member of the family. Like any family member, your pet deserves the finest possible health care.

Our entire staff at the Wattana Animal Clinic  will do its very best to provide your pet with quality health care. We want to be your veterinary clinic. If you have a compliment, we will appreciate it. If you have a complaint, please come to us and we will try to rectify any reasonable problems.


Wattana Animal Clinic ( http://www.wattanavet.com )
Our hours will be as follows : Monday - Saturday 9:00am to 8:00pm 
Address:  41/387  Nuanchan road. soi 60 (next to Wat Nuanchan ) Nuanchan Buengkum Bangkok 10230

Phone : 02 - 791- 3804 - 5  Fax : 02-791-3804
E-mail : vettalk@hotmail.com    http://www.facebook.com/wattana.animalclinic

Wattana Animal Clinic :: Contact :: wattanavet@wattanavet.com
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